“Eddie is extremely knowledgable about nutrition. He is also compassionate and flexible, giving me useful tips that helped me incorporate healthy eating into my busy lifestyle.”

Lisa, Granite Bay, CA

“I’ve been cooking at home with the lunch Eddie prepared as a model. I have way more energy and to my surprise I am sleeping more soundly. And even though I am buying only pasture-raised organic meat my grocery bill has gone down.”

Carol, Sacramento, CA

“I was fortunate to have a unique, positive and life-changing experience with Eddie. He came to my home for 9 days to coach me on meal planning and cooking techniques and kitchen routines. He was calm, thoughtful, interesting, fun and a great listener. We purged the pantry and refrigerator explaining why certain items were not healthy. He did it in a caring way, handling my vulnerability with class. Most helpful was the creation of boxed lunches. It took some planning, discussion and tweaking but we managed to create delicious, personalized to-go meals for me and my child. If you are lucky enough to be coached by this man, you won’t regret it! My 9 days of nutrition training will benefit my family for the rest of our lives.”

Jennifer, Las Vegas, NV

“I have had the pleasure and life altering opportunity to be Eddie’s client. I was going through an intense grieving period after the loss of my soul mate. Eddie was gentle but persistent and always kind throughout. Some days I just didn’t feel like cooking and his response to my depressed state was: “that’s okay, it’s a process.” I have never experienced a more thorough and caring coaching protocol. I have in 6 weeks lost 14 pounds, dramatically changed the food I eat and learned a great deal about the harmful effects of sugar and gluten in my diet and the value of eating more fat.”

Charlotte, Las Vegas, NV