Lose weight, boost your immune system, increase energy and reduce stress while eating the flavorful foods you love.

Whole foods nourish our bodies with essential nutrients and play an important role in our emotional health. I became a nutritionist because I want to help others find health and wellness while enjoying flavorful foods. We don’t need to suffer and count calories to be happy and healthy. Low-fat, high-carb diets increase stress on the body and don’t provide the nutrients to support our overall health.

Eating is about savoring food to thrive, not putting calories in our mouths to survive. 

As a nutritional therapist I am here to support you in finding the best diet for your lifestyle while helping you to identify the emotional triggers that lead to stress eating.

We can practice the best eating habits or try to implement a new diet but emotional stresses can lead us to overeat and make unhealthy choices.

Savoring food and the micronutrients found in whole foods improve our emotional well-being.Tastes, textures, colors, variety, environment and social company all add to the mealtime experience.

Simple changes in your food choices can have a dramatic effect on your life.

Most Americans eat too many carbohydrates and not enough fat and protein. The quality of the food tends to be less than ideal and there are some awful foods that should be greatly reduced if not eliminated: sugar, many grains and industrial seed oils.

In addition to nutritional therapy and coaching, my services include meal plans, grocery shopping – virtual or face-to-face, kitchen visits to walk you through meal preparation and to resupply your pantry and freezer.