Chris Kresser does a masterful job illustrating how there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet. Each of has different carb requirements depending on our lifestyle and physical condition.

This is perhaps my favorite cook book. Michelle Tam offers a simple and charming introduction to the Paleo diet. The comic stripsĀ and photos of her children add a sweet touch. Lots of creativity comes through in all of her recipes. I recommend this cookbook more than any other. I particularly like her take on Vietnamese Beef Pho and the Slow Cooker Kahlua Pig.

You will not look at grains the same way after reading this book. Grains are pervasive. It takes some work to transition them out of your diet but oh is it worth it. Achy joints, leaky gut, brain fog, neurological deficiencies are just some of the things that grains can do to you.

Paul Jaminet and his wife have put together a comprehensive highly-referenced guide on why an ancestral diet works best for most people. They make the science of nutrition readily accessible and illustrate the importance of evolution in understanding why certain foods are more compatible with humans.