Eddie Eriksson, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), became a nutritional therapist to help people improve their food choices and eating habits. In his 20s he gained 40 pounds in 9 months due to a series of stressful life events that led to poor food choices and overeating. Like many people he was a victim of the USDA’s food pyramid recommending low fat and high carb consumption. After learning about the importance of eating appropriate whole foods and incorporating them into his diet, he returned to his high school weight and improved his health.

Most people can achieve excellent health by making better food choices and learning to cope with stress-induced feelings. Eddie is uniquely qualified to coach you because he successfully overcame his own poor eating habits and learned how to cook nutrient-dense meals at home. He has coached clients to better health through a simple and engaging approach customized to each person’s individual health challenges. He is experienced with Weight Loss, Sugar Detox, Low Carb, GAPS, SCD, FODMAPS, Paleo and Weston Price diets.