Nutrition Coaching a Single Mother and Daughter – Days 5 and 6

Day 5

Sylvia did not feel well this morning but went to school anyway. Since she enjoyed the vietnamese pork with lettuce cups soIMG_2919 much I made it for her lunch again and packed it with potatoes and blueberries. She liked the pork but didn’t eat much of it because of not feeling well. She ate all of the blueberries. Thursdays are different because Sylvia has gymnastics and a play date. She needs to have dinner before five. She started feeling better after school so we heated up the vietnamese pork with lettuce cups that were leftover from lunch and had yogurt with blueberries again. There was no snacking after that. Her urges for snacking seem to have diminished today.  She has made fewer requests for after-meal snacks as the week progressed. She told me today she feels thinner. She seems content with herself and has a spring in her step.

Becky and I started a new batch of soup stock. This time we combined chicken, lamb and beef bones with ginger, onions, carrots and fish sauce. A lovely chicken/beef stock aroma has pervaded the house. Great on a chilly winter day. Sylvia doesn’t like the smell and sprays a horrible perfume in the kitchen. It is so strong that I step outside for 30 minutes.

IMG_2874Day 6

Sylvia opted for more vietnamese pork and lettuce cups for lunch. For dinner we had whole-grilled Branzini and bacon burgers with two slices of chopped bacon mixed in. Sylvia loved the burgers. She had it with a whole baked potato, butter and steamed carrots.

Sylvia told me again that her stomach is not sticking out as much and her clothes feel looser. Becky sees a healthier complexion and fat loss around her neck. Sylvia seems to have some awareness about different kinds of hunger, as discussed in Jan Chozen Bays’ Mindful Eating book: eye hunger when you think you want something because it’s beautiful or enticing; nose hunger when something smells so good you feel like eating it; mouth hunger, when you want a certain texture or sensation in your mouth; stomach hunger when the tummy is growling, and body hunger which is the only legitimate hunger. About 15 minutes after saying she was full from dinner she asked for potato chips. I said no since she just had a big meal and a large potato. Again it’s clear she’s not genuinely hungry. We talk about this and she agrees. It will take a lot of reinforcement, presentation of alternatives food choices and follow through from Mom saying “no” to get her out of the snacking habit.

End of the Week

Becky and Sylvia are both happy with the results this week. Not just about being thinner, but for Sylvia, improvements in skin color, energy level and overall mood. Becky feels more confident preparing meals with an appropriate balance of protein, fat and carbs. She knows where to shop, what to buy, the quantities that make sense for a household of two, how to store leftovers and plan meals for the week. I wish this family well. Sylvia is a sweet, smart girl with loads of potential.

© Eddie Eriksson, 2014