Nutrition Coaching a Single Mother and Daughter – Day 4

Today was fun. Sylvia ate most of her lunch; everything but the chicken nuggets. I won’t say anything more about the nuggets. We enjoyed making a new recipe; flank steak with a cherry barbecue sauce. It’s made with coconut aminos, balsamic, cherries, tomato paste, ginger and apple juice. IMG_2906 We put the flank steak on wooden skewers, brushed them with ghee, grilled them, let them site for 5-10 minutes and then brushed the cherry barbecue sauce on. It was a hit. Sylvia did most of the work for the sauce, especially watching it in the saucepan to see that it was thickening without burning.

I told Becky earlier in the week that there is one commercial brand of potato chips that are made with avocado oil and and that these could be an occasional treat. Sylvia enjoyed those. I told her we had a plain full-fat yogurt (made by Straus). She asked if we could get a vanilla flavor. Of course I said no because of the added sugar and that yogurt already has sugar. Surprisingly she liked the plain yogurt as it was. We added a few blueberries and she liked it even more. Maybe the reduction in sugar is enabling her palate to appreciate food with less sugar.

Later in the evening, just before 8 pm, when she saw the kitchen light come on, she asked if the kitchen was open. When I said yes she browsed through the refrigerator. I suggested a small salad with balsamic and olive oil and she agreed. I don’t think she was truly hungry. She also asked for yogurt and berries again. I allowed two spoonfuls and 5 blueberries. These late evening snacks are motivated by loneliness; using food to cover it up. Becky’s lifestyle means that Sylvia ends up not spending enough time with family. Ideally Becky would change her work schedule. But to do that means changing the kind of work she does. Unless she can find childcare or a cook that provides this kind of healthy cooking-from-scratch food I don’t think it’s sustainable for this situation. I’ll put her in touch with the local Weston Price chapter. Let’s hope she can find someone who can keep this momentum going.


© Eddie Eriksson, 2014