Nutrition Coaching a Single Mother and Daughter – Day 3

This morning we made the chicken nuggets using arrowroot flour and coconut oil. It ended up too salty probably because I brined it for too long. The paleo mayonnaise with sriracha (jalapenos, garlic, tomato paste) turned out great. A nice tangy mayonnaise with a bit of a spicy kick.  Also included another half potato with butter, red bell pepper, salami and a hard-boiled egg. And water.IMG_2901 (1)

Well, perfection still eludes me when it comes to Sylvia being a member of the clean-plate club. The verdict for lunch today: the chicken nuggets were not crispy enough. She ate two of the 8 or so nuggets and no potato. It seems odd to me that she would go the whole day without eating any carbs especially knowing how much she loves potatoes. Is she eating something else at school and doesn’t want to tell us about it?

When she got home from school she said she was hungry. Having gone the whole day without carbs I’d be hungry too. Surprisingly she at first asked that I cook the leftover nuggets more crisply so she could eat them. As I was about to start on this she asked instead for the ground pork in lettuce cups (vietnamese style) that we made a couple of days earlier.  At this point Becky (Mom) left for work. I suggested to Sylvia that she have the potato with butter and she agreed. This seemed to satisfy her. But a few minutes later she found a package of roasted seaweed and asked if she could have it. I asked her if she was really hungry since she had just said she was satisfied. She admitted that she was not and wanted to eat the snack because it tastes good. I looked at the ingredients and although there was canola and sesame oil in there, it was free of sugar and grains. IMG_2899 (1)I let her eat it.  I’m convinced now that she’s snacking out of habit and perhaps to hide uncomfortable feelings rather than true hunger. I’m not sure how to approach this with Becky other than to tell her what I’m seeing. Anything more seems to be beyond my scope of engagement with this family. I’d like to introduce a mindful eating practice but for an 11-year old girl this may not be appropriate. I’ll discuss with Becky tomorrow.

My concern is that when I leave and she’s with non-paleo babysitters she will snack when she’s not hungry. Enforcing good eating habits is quite a challenge when Mom cannot be home after school and all evening.

© Eddie Eriksson, 2014