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When new clients see me they know I’m going to ask them to improve their nutrition by changing at least some of the foods they’re eating. Despite knowing that better food choices will help them they feel resistance, reluctance, sometimes even dread. They expect it to be hard. Changing eating habits can be hard. Not just the food you eat, but where you eat it and how much you eat. Our relationship with food spans decades which means we have decades-old habits to break. 


I meet people where they are at.  I have them fill out a 3-day food journal and a symptom questionnaire. After the first meeting clients are walking out the door with a plan and a mission. To recover their health.  For clients that want to take things slowly we go slowly. For the more ambitious ones we go as fast as you want. Clients often report positive results after the first week or two and the upward trajectory goes on for months until they’re on cruise control.


Some people come in with significant health issues that may require working jointly with their doctor or alternative health practitioner. I’ve worked with obesity, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, insomnia, digestive issues, SIBO, depression, anxiety, heavy metal detox, bacterial infections, and more.

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About Me

Eddie became a nutritional therapist to help people improve their eating habits and improve their health and energy level. In his 20s he went through a series of stressful life events. He developed chronic insomnia and gained 40 pounds in 8 months. After making big changes to his diet he returned to his ‘high school’ weight and then spent the following year uncovering additional underlying issues: irritable bowel syndrome and adrenal fatigue. Like many he was a victim of the USDA’s food pyramid recommending low fat and high-carb foods. After changing his diet and learning how to incorporate relaxation techniques throughout the work day his digestion and sleep improved.

We can all achieve excellent health by making appropriate food choices. Eddie is uniquely qualified to coach you because he successfully overcame his own bad eating habits and learned how to cook all of his nutrient-dense meals at home. He has coached many clients to better health through a simple and engaging approach customized to each person’s lifestyle. He is certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) from the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) and is working towards his Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) credential with the Texas Chiropractic College.


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